Banaue Rice Terraces

     Wonderful terraces were engraved out from mountain way back 2000 years ago with basic handtools by the Philippine ancestros. Lies at the foot of Mt. Amuyao, highest peak area, located in Ifugao.And it has made an entry in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.


     Bohol is famous not only for its Chocolate Hills or tarsiers, but also for white sand beaches and mountains terrains. Among the attractions include the Loboc River Cruise. Located in region of Central Visayas.


   The most popular tourist spot of the Philippines is Boracay. A small island with an approximate area of 10km2. Covers with spectacular white powdery sand and crystal clear calm water. There are lots of fields of fun water-activities to enjoy like, swimming, parasailing, scuba diving and skiing.

Chocolate Hills

     In the Bohol province there are famous group of unusual geological formation called as Chocolate Hills in tagalog "Tsokolateng burol". The hills are in about 1,260 but are roughly estimated to be as 1,776 many hills. 

Ilocos Norte

     Located in the northwest corner of Luzon and the capital city is Laoag. One of its main attraction is the ancient times places like the houses of the early Spanish colonist. The location has a lot of breathe taking scenery to offer due to its historical sites to travel and wealthy in nature like the Pagudpod beach, Kabigan falls, Bantay Abot cave and a lot more.

Mayon Volcano

     It is an active volcano, overlooking the city of Legazpi, located on southeastern of Luzon. With its perfect symmetrical cone shape create a remarkable view. Although, it is popular with campers and climbers, still before visiting, need to be mindful of the activity of this volcano.

Mt. Pinatubo

     Mt. Pinatubo located in the province of Zambales on the island of Luzon. An active stratovolcano that was not known about its eruptive history before the pre-eruption in 1991. With its breath taking and a picturesque on its crater place view, will be all worth the hike.


     It is highly urbanized city governed independently and its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa. The island is a pristine paradise with a breath taking views and locates in the western edge of the country. At the north side El Nido, is one of the spectacular natural view beauty to be amazed and wander.


     Another popular scenery destination in the Philippines which attacts tourist by its overlooking view, the Taal Volcano Island (located in Batangas) and its cool temperature atmosphere. Tagaytay is situated in Cavite province which is close to Manila, the capital city.