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Make your travel dreams feel a lot closer by pre-planning it with us, we are continuously monitoring the latest news on travel advisories and regulations in each country. Book your next trip with us in full confidence, knowing that we have yours and your family's health and safety as our utmost priority.

We are Rhythm, one of GTA's leading travel brands and we love travelling just like you! It's in our name and we make sure that every every journey with us has a rhythm like no other!

We are relentless travel experts with a collective experience of 22 years making dream vacations come true! We don't just get you to your destination but we curate every trip as an immersive cultural experience for you to make authentic connections with the locals. We have an extensive network of local tour operators and hosts across the 7 continents, for a complete carpe diem experience guaranteed to bring bac...

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When you travel with Rhythm, you travel with confidence whether it's no habla español, parle un peu français, я не знаю русский, मुझे थोड़ा पता है हिन्दी or whatever time zone you're in, we have a 24/7 support line just a phone call, text or email away!

  • Travel according to your own Rhythm and with the people you love, your vacation is a 100% tailor made for your own wants and needs
  • We buy direct from airlines, cruise lines, tour operators and hotels so we can guarantee the best value for our customers.
  • Our travel gurus have travelled considerably, they specialize in regions that they have lived in and they scout for the best local partners within their specialist region

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are here to listen to you and to give you advice, we will curate an itinerary based specifically on what YOU want and we will not stop until you are satisfied with every detail. You can count on us to orient you of the practical considerations of your trip; the perfect accomodation, best ways to travel, local gastronomy and rewarding routes that go beyond the tourist clichés.

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