If you've never been properly walked through the benefits of professionally managed travel, your business is at a major disadvantage.

Partnering with Rhythm Travel and Tours means that every cost-saving opportunity will be explored for the overall financial benefit of your business. A travel manager will also work closely with you to identify where your travel program will benefit from process and booking efficiency.

Rhythm Travel and Tours offers a unique combination of expert advice, local personal service, and global negotiating strength to maximize your travel cost savings.

The Rhythm Travel and Tour steam are the best in the business. Our travel experts are highly experienced and have the exceptional product knowledge to deliver airfare and accommodation options that will have an immediate and positive impact on your bottom line. Our flexible business model is shaped to match the distinctive needs of SMEs, enabling us to better understand your travel requirements, offer tailored solutions and build long-term partnerships.

You don't need to be a multi-national company to get the lowest possible travel rates, you just need to bring an expert on board.


The first step in creating efficiency on your travel is to work with the one travel manager; from here your business can look at options to simplify and streamline your processes with online and offline solutions. The less time your employees spend on organizing travel the more time they’ll have to focus on your core business.

Dedicated, personal, and flexible service: A dedicated travel manager will also work to a pre-determined service level agreement, which includes agreed-upon standards for services, priorities, and responsibilities. In addition, find out what your travel provider’s operating hours are and if they offer extended work hours for easy access to your travel team. And finally, look for a travel manager that offers no fixed contracts to ensure your business is free to leave if you’re not happy with the quality of service.

Value add services: Does your travel manager have the global buying power and negotiating strength to provide you with special deals regularly? Are you getting true value for money for your spend on travel? If you’re partnered with the right travel manager, you should have access to a world of special travel deals, discounts and offers across leisure and corporate travel.

Travel policy

A  travel policy provides an essential framework for your travel. Among other things, a policy outlines how your people travel, where they stay,  what cabin class they travel in, what hotels you stay at, and if your company uses preferred suppliers. A proactive travel manager will not only help you develop a policy, but they will also help to implement and monitor the policy for company-wide compliance.

24/7 Emergency assistance:  For many businesses time is money and when your employee time is being spent waiting in airports or trying to re-book travel during an emergency – the delay will come at a cost to your business. So, When partnering with a travel manager, find out if they offer 24/7, global emergency assistance for your travelers.

Travel insurance: Your travel manager can help you select a reputable travel insurer with policies and financial cover that best suits your style of travel.
Among other strategies, you will discover... 

  • The power of purchasing in advance.
  • The value of policy compliance.
  • How to turn multiple bookings with a single supplier into a better deal for you every time.